Melanie Leneghan does not deserve to hold public office

Hi Melanie. It looks like you forgot to keep this domain purchased after your congressional run in 2018. I do not think you deserve to hold public office in an capacity. Below are snips taken from your public profiles where you post misinformation, hateful comments, or just plain old lies.

Please consider donating to any of the following candidates for the 2022 election in Ohio. These candidates are not running against Melanie, but they are running against her MAGA ideology.

Let's shoot everyone that is Pro-choice, that will show them how pro-life we are!

I'm at a loss for words on this one Melanie. Liking a comment that suggests we shoot senators? It is honestly disgusting that this is even a screenshot. Please take your "conservative values" and fuck off.

Abortion is not murder. Shooting someone with a gun is murder. Can't believe I had to break that down for you.

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The one where she lies about the Keystone Pipeline

No Melanie, Buffet did not donate $58m to the Biden campaign. The Keystone Pipeline has 3 fully functional stages and stage 4 (Keystone XL) was to be an addition to the pipeline. And yes, it is an environmental issue, alongside an Indigenous Lands issue.



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Oh no, the mustard supports the LGBTQ+ community

Melanie, just because the mustard is wearing Pride colors does not make them gay. What a horrible thing for you to have witness.

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Trudeau is (not) going to kill your pets.

Can you read Melanie? I really hope so, if not this entire website is going to real confusing for you. Justin Trudeau did not threaten this at all.


Ottawa News

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Spoiler alert! the link provides no information

Mel, the MRNA vaccine is safe. The booster is safe. If you have any issues with the vaccine and how quickly it was developed, blame Operation Warp Speed, set up under the Trump administration.

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Coexisting with other humans is bad

Come on Melanie, this makes zero sense. "When you don't they attack with hate and lies"? Really? Denying rights to members on the LGBTQ+ community should lead to you being attacked (politically).

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This just in: you can be more than male or Female

Hey Mel, I'm glad you are consistent in your hate for LGBTQ+ people, it makes commenting on them that much easier.

Can you define a woman?

Is it a person that has a vagina? What gender is an intersex individual?

Is it a person with XX chromosomes? What gender is someone with XXY chromosomes (Klinefelter syndrome)? What about a person with a partial X chromosome (Turner syndrome)?

Is it a person capable of giving birth? What about people who are postmenopause? Or individuals who have not yet hit puberty? Those groups of people cannot give birth, do we call them women?

I'd really encourage you to read up on this. You can start here. Gender is not a one or the other thing. It is complex and it deserves to be talked about in a productive way.

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Ukraine is the home to GLoablists

Melanie, I really hope you watched this entire video. I did. Lara says we are "at the gates of Auschwitz", do you think that? Lara says that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a spy and needs to be investigated by counter intelligence. Do you not think his service in the US Army and his role in the National Security Council are enough to prove otherwise? Or are you just angry that this man testified against Donald Trump?

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Racial Bias research ≠ Critical Race Theory

Melanie, the title speaks for itself on this one.

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